Pitfalls of Salary Man

When I was younger I thought that working is a cool part of being an adult.

Yes, if you work for a passion, meaning you great at it and it’s your hobby, feels like not “working” since you will just do it sincerely.

Welll.. As for me, who enter the world of working as an HR professional, I don’t know where I belong.

So yes, either you do what you love, or in my case, must love what you do.

Which was hard.

Which is now even harder.

My organization has changed so much that it creates such a culture that makes us, all the people inside -from kutu kupret a.k.a non-managerial position like me to higher level- suffer a lot. 😥

People tend to be waaaayy more competitive, way more ambitious, and what I cannot stand, way more pretentious/fake/ass-licking/you-name-it lah.. Bhahahhaha 😂😂😂

To informed you, I hate that bulls**t alot. And I’m this type of “cut the crap” and do the best without unnecessary fake sweet tongue to everybody.
Yes when I say everybody means the certain people that can help you reach higher spot. Lol 😁

But yet I still need this job to pay my bills and other stuffs hahaha.. Soooo.. I have this one friend at work who knew about my deepest thought about this. And she said “Since you still need this f**king job, you just can’t hate it, Des. Or you end just feel unhappy all day or even all year. Give them what they want and do play the same game!”

Yeah, I’ve been doing it since I got promoted couple of months ago.

But I keep tell myself that I must have another plan for my future career.
I CAN’T BE HERE forever.
Must looking for my real passion.

All salary men and women in this world…. meanwhile…