About MissDestiana

The following explanation contains common info about the author.. Miss Destiana is..

A very-imaginative woman yet overly curious about anything new (kepo maksudnya hahahaha) who recently facing quarter-life crisis (halah!).

Born and raised in Jakarta, but like most Jakartans I’m not a Betawinese (ealahh bener gak sih nulisnya?) dengan keturunan Jawa-Sunda dan sedikit campuran Arab katanya *Yak, I’m also still questioning about it,  since it’s not proven by anything yet :mrgreen:

Sangat menikmati makanan pedas, makanan Italia, makanan Sunda..  let’s say Pedas-Asin are what my tongue likes to taste. Pardon my appetite, I am almost an omnivore.

A movie-goer. Love to spend time watching all kind of movies esp. Drama and Comedy. And currently a big fan of Korean Dramas since their stories are cute and sweet ^^

A daughter of a single Mom, a big sister, a girlfriend of a guy (hopefully soon turns to be a wife and a Mom ^^) and a Human Resources worker.

I’m pretty much like what they said about the Capricorn people, but I feel like in more chillax mode not overly ambitious.

Oh yeah, additional info: I’m slightly over the normal curve 😆

And still a rookie in life.  So, let me learn something new!

22 thoughts on “About MissDestiana

    • kan setengah2.. biar rada gaya 😎

      hehehe nggak kok, saya emang suka nulis pake bahasa inggris. setengah2 sih, dengan sering2 jadi ngelatih inggris juga lho, masnya bisa sambil buka kamus mungkin.. :mrgreen:

    • muahahahhaha 😆

      ngapa elo nyebut2 sepel sih pat? kan gue malu ketauan getoh kalo gueh abegeh gaol.. 😀
      ayo kapan??

      eniwei, gue sudah memberi amanat kepada bodat, kalo ada acara2 korea atau jepang, COUNT ME IN!! oke okehhh?? 😉

  1. Jujur aja aku gk ngerti bhs inggris, meskipun tinggal di bali yang notabene kena imbas Pariwisata , dimana bhs ingris adalah bhasa pasaran, 🙂

    sayangnya saking cintanya Indonesia, Bhs Indonesia sudah terlanjur terpatri di memori saya, belajar bhs inggris mental mulu…

    so, (mudah-mudahan gk masalah) slam kenal dari Gianyar-Bali….

  2. So I am a Jakartan too. I was born and raised in this city and have no village 😦 so never feel what it is called mudik.
    Btw, salam kenal ya 🙂

    • High Five!!!
      Same here. Mom and Dad were born in Jakarta too, it’s their parents who’s not Jakartans. And all my family, the grannies and others are living in Jakarta too, so there’s no such thing as Mudik 😐

      Salam kenal, girl! 🙂

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